Aug 23, 2008

The Flight

Many people keep asking me about my flight back home and I keep telling the same story. Not that I don't like telling people... But why not write about it too? It's 3am and I totally can't sleep so seriously, why not? My check in person, a nice man, asked me where I was flying. I told him Vienna, and he looked at my name, pronounced it with American accent and said: "That sounds more Czech than Austrian." I told him it was Slovak and that Slovakia was where I was going. Well, he went ahead and told me about how they... whoever they were, just got back from Czech republic where they helped with English as a second language camps. He said they were only about 10 minutes from the Czech-Slovak border. Then he also told me that they went to see this beautiful castle. Guess which one? Yep, Trencin. So I told him that that's close to where we had our camps. Then he looked at my home town and said he knew that was the town with the big walls around it. I was quite surprised to hear this random man talk about Trnava.
Parting with my best friend is still not something I enjoy...

The flight to Chicago was very unevenfull. It's like someone knows that I sat by the window just two rows behind the left wing the first time I flew and so now I get the same seat all the time. But it was nice. Drinks were served with ice, I flew with United.

After landing in Chicago I had a little bit of time to get to my international flight terminal. I personally believe that the Chicago airport is more confusing that it should be. After finding my way to the train I took it to my terminal, went throught security and thought I had enough time to eat. So I looked around and really the only thing that looked ok and the line wasn't super long was McDonalds. I went there and thought to myself: "What a way to end my stay in the US". I got myself a meal and ate it quickly, looked at my watch and saw that my flight was already boarding. I thought I knew where to go but then they made me go through security AGAIN. I told the man he just checked my passport and so he just smiled and asked how my food was. At this point not only was I kind of late but I realized that my gate, M 21, was the last one, totally at the end of the long hall. By the time I got there noone was around, some bored workers were standing around chatting and only one man paid attention to me and asked if I was going to Vienna, I said yes, he smiled and said I was a little late. Oh well! I made it. I was the last one to get on board and I ended up having two seats to myself. How nice!
Again, the flight was ok, my TV didn't work so I ended up reading quite a bit and I even slept for a little while. European morning came faster than I expected. The sunrise was amazing! Now here comes the exciting part of the flight. I sat close to the tail, right? All of a sudden I see a girl leaving the back restroom area crying, her brother following her, then some people talking and then I see the male flight attendants leading a hand cuffed guy to the back row. They talked to him, then he stood up and the attandants wouldn't let him go. He started speaking loudly which caught most people's attention. I bet most of them had no idea something was going on before then. Here's a quote: "My name is XYZ, I am NOT a terrorist, remember my name, I am a son of JKL." I think a few people freak out at this point. We saw the captain go to the back and then back to the front and then in a little while it was decided tha we needed to land and make sure the threat was gone. As we were landing the suspicious man thought he was going to try a little something on people who were guarding him and tried to stand up and do who knows what but before he knew he had 4 men jump on him and let him know he wasn't the boss. We emergency landed in Amsterdam. The police took the guy, we re-fueled and took off. I don't think I've ever seen so many people excited about airplane breakfast. It was already after 9am CET and everybody, including me was starving at this poing. Vanilla yoghurt never tasted so good before! We landed in Vienna about 2 hours later than scheduled but happy to be done with flying for some time. I felt sorry for all the Russians who missed their connection flights.

Had to wait for my bags for quite a while. It looked like they didn't make it. But then they came and I was happy.

P.S: Drinks were served without ice. They just did it the European way.


Mary said...

if you were at o'hare i totally understand. i have lots of family in chicago and i have gotten lost a few times there =[[

Petra said...

yep, that's where I was

Ande Truman said...

That's exactly why airlines should stock tranquilizer darts, so that flight attendants could take out obnoxious or threatening passengers with sniper-like precision from across the cabin.