Aug 23, 2008

shortly on something I've been thinking about

In the book that I'm reading now it said: "Part of being a friend involves refusing to give up on other people". I like that the author doesn't say that part od being a friend involves trying to be nice when it's not convenient or trying to get over other people's crap as we often like to say... She uses the word refuse and I pretty much love that idea. I don't want to be a person who just kind of gets over stuff and doesn't care. I want to be a friend who refuses to give up on her friends... and I want the reason for it to be Love.


Seggi said...

paci sa mi to! a je to pravda..ale niekedy nenormalne tazke..hlavne ked ta druha osoba odmieta akukolvek pomoc od teba

Petra said...

pravda, ale si myslim, ze prave v takych situciach musis ODMIETNUT sa vzdat. prave vtedy ked je to najtazsie.

Ande Truman said...

Preach it, sista.