Aug 23, 2008

my special day

Happy birthday to me!

I had a wonderful birthday this year. As it was planned ahead I spent it in the US. When I first came in May I had no idea what I'd be doing on August 18th but I kind of thought of what I'd enjoy and haven't done for a long time. I haven't been to the beach for SO long. And I love the beach. I really think that people who don't like being at the beach have a sad life. (JK!) And so this year for my birthday I ended up at St. Simons Island. You all hopefully know that I do not enjoy the typical birthday stuff like surprise parties, cakes and candles and singing the song... Well none of that happened for me this year so I was quite sattisfied.

Grits and eggs for breakfast, beach till about 3pm, "home" for shower and nap, shopping for fish and making dinner, fun company... that all made my day wonderful.
Really the only thing that happened and shouldn't have was that my camera hit the ground for the first time in history. I was going to open the car door and I did something and my camera went flying (I mean flying like birds with wings and all that...) from its case onto the concrete ground next to our car. I think I had a major freak out. In fact I was so freaked out that I left my flip flops outside the car and found out about it when it was time to put them on and get out of the car. That is how I lost my flip flops. Still laugh at myself for that one.

The next day on our way "home" to Marietta we stopped in Savannah. What a nice place!

Oh and I thought of another thing that freaked Heidi and I out. On our way back, not far from Atlanta I believe it was, as we were in the car I looked to my right and saw a big oversize load semi-truck or whatever it was, it was quite a large vehicle. All of a sudden we hear something like and explosion and something kind of hit our car and then and I thought a car hit us... I look in the mirrow and I see that a tire totally exploded on that huge thing and so at that point he was trying to stop the truck but was in the middle lane and this other car totally needed to get outta its way. It was kind of scary and I was definitelly thankful that we ended up ok.
I don't think I want to end this post with that story. So here's one other thing. I didn't get to eat my birthday dessert on the actuall day for different reasons. But the next day I got it all... minus the peanut butter cookie. I had a lot of Ben and Jerry's Peach Cobbler icecream (the best ever I believe) and had chocolate pudding with Piskoty which I absolutelly love!
Literally SWEET birthday!


Ande Truman said...

Awesome crab picture :)

Your birthday sounds like a very pleasant day, especially because of the peach cobbler ice cream, mnam. Savannah is a really cool city too, glad you got to see it. Oh and I totally understand your freak-out with the camera hitting the ground!! Two things you never drop- babies and cameras.

eli said...

People who do not like the beach do not have a sad life. (In fact, sometimes their lives get a little sadder from being there!)
"...for different reasons." heehee:) Did you ever eat the BP cookie?

Petra said...

oh yeah, sorry I made my birthday the most painful day for you this summer.. ;)
teehee, yes, different reasons... I ate a piece on the plane and then it got all crushed and stuff and I had crums all over the place.