May 23, 2008

Day 6

I wish I had better writing skills. I wish I could give you a better and more exciting picture of everything that's going on. But I guess that's not happening so you'll just have to deal with whatever I give.
This was another pretty good day here in Chatty. The weather was great. We met with Mr. Ward and Michelle again. We got to see how they record demos and Ika and Matka actually participated. It's great to see Mr. Wards at work. He's so excited about his job and he does everything with such a great joy. I totally lack that sometimes... most of the time I guess.
People came over to Bo and Brynne's for dinner. I'm so excited about real food (=chicken and rice) we get to eat tonight! We had sandwiches for lunch. Warm lunches are definitelly something that our team misses.
I can't write anymore. I'm feeling weird.


Seggi said...

a ako sa ma moja najlepsia najmensia kamoska Marinka? ;)

Seggi said...

co nove?