May 22, 2008

Day 5, Officially over jetlag

I normally wake up at 6:30... haha that sounds like I've lived here and had this schedule forever... anyways. I set the alarm on my phone set on 6:30am yesterday. I don't quite remember when I went to bed but I do remember a knock on my door in the morning. It was Brynne asking if I was up. I said no and asked what time it was. 7:40! We leave the house at 8:15. Oops! So I determined that I was officially over jetlag. I actually slept longer than I was supposed to. Oh by the way I didn't wake up on time because my phone died at night at the alarm never went off.

Our music team spent the morning with Michelle and Mr. Ward learning more about how the music department, worship team and choir work at NCF. Looked at some of the technical equipment and got to play a song on a really bad sounding guitar with nylon strings. Yesterday was a short day. We were done by noon. They fed us hot dogs for lunch again... Finally got to use my Starbucks card (thanks Eli and Marinka) in the afternoon. Seems like Iced Mocha will be the drink of the summer. Love it! Brynne and I met Laurel at Covenant College and I got a nice little tour of the campus. Looks great up there and the view from some of the rooms is wonderful. It's the kind of view that inspires you to write a book. I finally are some regular meat and rice for dinner and that definitelly made me happy. Ended the day downtown Chattanooga with Abby catching up on life.

I like being here. I like Chattanooga. I think I could live here.


Ande Truman said...

Duuuude the iced mocha is so good!

I've only been to Chat once, but I had the same kind of feeling you're having about it. It's like a big "small town". I wanna go!

nina said...

okej tak ta posledna veta ma fakt vystrasila:)
zavidim ti Starbucks:(

Seggi said...

ja ti starbucks nezavidim, a vlastne ti vobec nezavidim, ale moc si tam nezvykaj :) !!!! tesim sa ze sa mate fajn a ze si to uzivas.

Petra said...

Ninus, neboj. Nic nehrozi. Ale keby si tu bola tak by si uplne pochopila o com hovorim. Daj mi vediet co ti mozem prniest zo Starbucksu, ok? kavu alebo salku alebo nieco?
Segga, som rada, ze mi nic nezavidis... aspon niekto.

ninka said...

ja ti tiez nezavidim, ved mne sa upln e paci chodit kazdy den do skoly, moje kazdodenne stresy, projekty a prezentacie z ktorych mi je uz na grc:)nee kdeze vobec nezavidim...som rada ze sa mas dobre..videla som fotky covenantu a skoro som umrela..ake to tam je krasne..uplne ta chapem...caf