May 21, 2008

Day 4, Praise God

Praise God with me! I felt physically ok today. I prayed and prayed that my stomach would stop hurting and that my eyes would stop feeling extremelly tired. I know y'all prayed as well. And God heard us and made me feel better. Also I slept for about 7 hours last night which is a lot more than the nights before and so I was able to enjoy my day and focus on what was going on. I started the day off with a bowl of cereal and tasted American milk for the first time. I guess it doesn't matter where the milk comes from I just don't like it. We started at 9am this morning with a session for all interns lead by pastor Nabors. I bet we all agree that the Gospel, the Good News about Jesus Christ and what he did for us, should be in the centre of our ministry. We know it's important yet we forget about it so often and focus on other things when we try to reach people. As we spoke about what the Gospel was pastor Nabors stressed one thing - Gospel is not only about how you get saved but also about how you live your everyday life by faith.

Our first meeting with the music department people - James Ward and Michelle Higgins - started at 11. They explained to us how they plan a Sunday service and what songs they were going to do this next Sunday and why.

We got to sit in a Staff Meeting. Nice experience. Afternoon was spent with pastor Nabors and the other interns. We spoke about Ideology and about how important it is to be familiar with the culture you work in. My mind went wild when we spoke about this. Thinking about Americans in Slovakia and all of us together reaching the kids and me being in the US this summer ministering to people from a completelly different culture. That's some crazy stuff! I can't wait to start working at CMPC.

Last but not least - we went to the Closet later in the afternoon and I definitelly got some clothes!
How are you all doing?


Randy Furco said...

Romans 1.

Jesus is LORD

Ande Truman said...

Loooove the last photo :)

Glad you're feeling better duder. When I travel I get the same problems. Seems like your days are busy!

Same ol' stuff for me- getting ready for Orlando, woohoo! Would love to phone chat before I go on Friday, yo!

Mishka said...

Klara ma dobre vlasy :). Stale cakam, ze mi zavolas moja!

Seggi said...

Jano vypada uplne uzasne za tou kazatelskou vecou ;P

nina said...

tak po prve jano to vyhral tou fotkou:)
mne sa ruca zivot:)no az take zle to nie je ale neni mi do smiechu ide ma roztrhnut od tolkej roboty...dnes som odpadla v skole lebo som si uveomila ze som dva dni nepila a nejedla...a an nespala...blbe ale uz vsetko ide k lepsiemu..
zelam vsetko dobre...maj sa a pozrav vsetkych

Anonymous said...

eeeer.. jedna vec.. milk comes from cows.

tot vse s mojou kulturnou vlozkou.