May 24, 2008

Day 7 and 8

We worked on Ain't no rock in the morning and it brought back memories of Christian Camp '07. And it especially made me think of Ninka Svinka because I know she likes that song quite a bit. We had a great helper, guitar player - Anthony - who so willingly played a couple songs with us over and over.

Petra experienced her first Drive in last night! How exciting. Two movies for 5$. Awesome deal. Please, people save your time and money and don't watch Indiana Jones. That movie is a bad joke. The alien heads, not a very good Russian accent by Kate Blanchett and other pretty ridiculous stuff just made me laugh and wonder if anyone really liked it for real. Thank you, Majka (Marry) for the special sound effects, the movie would have killed me if it weren't for you. Iron man was hot. Loved the red-gold combo. But oh my gosh it got so cold and wet that I thought I was gonna freeze! Ah, what a great experience! I got home super late (3am) and got up early... but still later than I was supposed to (7:30am). Now we get to day 8. Observed the band practise and then actually practised with the choir. I'd definitelly be joining the choir if I lived here and went to NCF. Loved it! Love Michelle!
Bo and Brynne took me shopping this afternoon. Went to Target nad Old Navy. Got a pair of shorts and then they took me to a nice restaurant. Had my first American restaurant experience. Woohoo! The waitress wouldn't shut up. Not a big shocker. We all know that that's the way they are in the US. She was nice though. Very helpful. We've been here for 8 days and today was the first time I drank regular Coke. It was pretty sweet. Like literally sweet. Not sweet like awesome, ya know? Speaking of drinks - I thought Dr. Pepper here and back home tasted the same but it doesn't. It's sweeter here. Shocker! NOT!

Happy Sunday you all! Tell me what the sermon back home was about and who did chvaly and all that kinda stuff, k? Dakujem!


Anonymous said...

A friendly, talkative waitress? Let me guess: you were in a diner, or in a place that serves "comfort food," or in the South - am I right?

ninka svinka said...

jeeej tu pesnicku mam fakt rada:)mam za sebou cely vikend straveny s Bosskou:) a ked hovorim cely myslim cely:) videla som indiana jonesa a nie som nejak uchvatena ale nelutujem ze som to videla:)nedela bola uplakana lebo ninka v stredu odhcadya a vlastne vsetky sme teraz take uplne mimo kvoli tento tyzden maturuju a ja sa tak kazdopadne citim:) drz sa tam...huguj moju maminku...hmm ked ces aj romana ale nepredpokladam ze po tom tuzis:)

Ande Truman said...

Wow, cheap movies. You're like the 10th person that has said Iron Man was killer, so I'm gonna check it out now.

Target and Old Navy!!! My 2 favorite stores :D I got some ON stuff the other day.

What restaurant did you go to? Anyone called you Sweetie or Honey yet?