Dec 9, 2008

I wonder who comes up with these rules

(This is the actual building of the Samsung factory where I teach English on Mondays)

I only have two more weeks of teaching at Samsung left this semester. I generally enjoy teaching a LOT but teaching at Samsung is very different. The classes are a terrible mix of people on different levels of English, the classroom gets hot in about 5 minutes and there are no windows to let in some fresh air, the door has to be closed because there are people working right outside our classroom. Now that I complained about it not being so cool I'd like to tell you a little about the process of getting in and out of the factory.

First of all, who knew that last week they'd decide to close the road that we always took?! We had to take the other road that we knew about. It's a dirt road. It was raining that day. I now believe that driving on mud is as uncool as drinving on snow/ice. But the time we got to the factory the car was real muddy. At least we weren't the only ones that were forced to drive on that "road". The parking lot was full of cars covered in mud.

I have a funny storie from last night though. To get inside the factory you need to go through security and you need a card that opens the door for you. If you have a computer with you you have to give them all information possible about it and only then you're allowed in. I was on my way out and I went through the metal detector, then I had to open my bag, a lady looked at it and I started walking towards where I return the card. The lady stopped me and said: "The jacket!" I looked at her and siad: "Um... what?" She said: "Unzip your jacket." So I did and she seemed happy and so I was free to go. I had no idea why she did that. My ride back to Trnava was late and so I stood close to the security zone and watched the guards and the people getting out of work. I saw about 120 people walk out that door being asked to unzip their jacket and every one of them made some kind of a comment like: "What are they thinking that I'm stealing and LCD panel and hiding it under my jacker? Retarted idiots, nothing that we make will fit inside our pockets. Stupid Koreans. I'm skinny, did they really need to check me too?" The best one though was: "I'm wondering how many people they pay to come up with these stupid rules!" I think I laughed out loud when I heard that one.

Any nonsense rules that you had to/have to deal with?


bo said...

In the morning at the bank, only one employee is allowed to enter first. They go in, turn off the alarm, and then put the blinds half way down in the window to let us all know it's ok to go in.

I guess that's so only one person gets shot instead of all of us.

If I sat here long enough I'm sure I could think up more rules...

Graeme said...

Hm. This nonsense rule seems surprisingly undisruptve compared to some of the bureaucracies I'm used to dealing with.

a) Before I could get a computer I had to get a cost code from the Research Graduate School where I work. I then had to go to the IT department to get their code so I knew where I was paying it to. I then had to get my supervisor to sign it. I then had to send it away to get the head of the Research Graduate School to sign it. He will then send it to IT and they will send it to Finances. Phew.

b) Every two weeks I have to blow into a tube for a week every 2 hours by order of the Occ Health nurse in case I'm allergic to any of the materials I'm working with. Maybe sometime I'll get some research done between doing all that and commenting on Poeple's blogs!