Apr 15, 2008

Tuesday Art and Stuff

Picture of the day shows how poor my math is. Or not? Expensive socks plus new shoes equals happy Petra... Or something like that.

I'm wondering if the Slovak class is where you should be invited. We're getting to the "intermediate level" now so unless you're on the same level you won't be able to follow. I think I'm going to change the invitation a little. How about you guys come for the break only? It's definitelly worth it. For example if you came to our lesson today you'd get to talk about... hm, what did we talk about? Life, we talked about life. You would also learn a lot of vacation vocabulary and the best thing that I'm totally proud of is that now we don't have to translate things from Slovak to English. The boys can give you an expalanation/definition in Slovak. Sweet! But if you came for the break you would probably get to taste an excellent Latte made by a very tallented barista. And I just have to show you the beauty of a nice Moka and Latte.


Anonymous said...

sak uuuz trubka. treba pockat az ma kopne muza:)

KG said...

I'm excited to meet you too!
And I'm drooling over the pictures of lattes. I really, REALLY miss having my dad around to make coffee for me! But I am glad you are getting to enjoy his barista skills :)
Thanks for the birthday wishes!


Seggi said...

jaaa sa vzdy smejem na tych obrazkoch :))) hotove poklady!!

Ande Truman said...

You should definitely post a pic of your new topanky a ponozky. See, I can speak intermediate Slovak too. hehe NOT.

Did Kris make those lattes (or as they say in Slovak, latteski's)? ::wipes drool off chin:: They're lookin' pretty chutny.

Anonymous said...

Ande, why would Pet'a need to post another picture of her shoes and socks?

Ande Truman said...

Well, as unbelievably vivid and descriptive those white board sketches are, especially her hair that is shown here by one single line, there's nothin' better than seeing the real deal.

(...and cause I love to look at new shoes. Shoes. Shoes. These shoes rule. These shoes suck. Let's get some shoes.... anyone? anyone? Bueller?)