Apr 22, 2008


After the Ecumenical Youth Meeting that we had at church on Saturday night Marek offered to take out the trash. We were the last people to leave, it was dark and somewhat cold. If you felt sorry for Marek I hope it's gone. If not then I'm pretty sure I can make it go away. Here's what happened - we walked out and and the boys (Marek, Palo and Juraj Klementovic) being in a good mood acted like 5 year olds. Marek decided it would be fun to hit them with a bag full of trash. And don't you think it's fun to hit people riding bikes with full trash bags?! Marek hit Palo while he was on his bike. Not only the bag broke and the trash went all over the place but Palo fell off the bike. Do you still feel sorry for Marek? His face in that picture is not supposed to communicate - Oh, what a pitty, I'm going to help them clean up. It's supposed to yell - What an idiot I am! (Please don't take these comments too seriously.. I'm not trying to offend anyone.)

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Bo said...

I'm totally offended. You can't stay with us in the States anymore.;-)