Apr 20, 2008


Would anyone like to take a wild guess about what happened? I'll give you some good chocolate if you get the answer right. Peace!


Ande Truman said...

Official guess: After a party at the Building, which included a lot of Kofola and spoons aparently, someone wanted to dump the bag of trash in the dumpster but wanted to ride their bike while doing it...but they slipped on the slick pavement and wiped out, sending trash everywhere.

Actually, the trash looks too scattered for that story. Looks like it was thrown out of a window?

Anonymous said...

i would guess, but i would be right,and i would steal somebody else's chance to win the chocolate which i wouldnt eat anyways. so im not gonna guess. alto if i did i would win.

Bo said...

I'm guessing that Marek was riding his bike with no brakes and almost ran into Kristian and Ethan who were chasing each other around the parking lot. (Marek was also carrying a big bag of trash.)

I'm certain that either Ande or I are getting chocolate.


Marek said...
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brynne said...

All i have to say is that I feel sorry for Marek! THe look on his face is totally, "Oh man, do I have to pose for this picture and clean this up?" To which of course, the answer is yes, because he's such a nice guy!! (Marek is judging who gets the chocolate, right?)