Nov 15, 2007

why authenticity?

Why did I choose authenticity/honesty as a theme for our second Intro meeting? Simply because I feel like I've been failing in being authentic. Not only was/am I not willing to be authentic/honest with my closest friends and family sometimes, I selfishly want others to be perfectly honest with me. I thought about reasons why I and other people are like that and the first reason I found was fear. I could elaborate on that but I'm choosing not to because Fear is the theme for our next Intro. What are we afraid of? Answer for yourself... My goal for the night was to list a few reasons for not being authentic but I wasn't quite able to name them correctly so I needed a little help that I found in a sermon preached by Samuel Lacho. Fear(what if people knew that about me?), My definition of success(what if I'm not successful), Making our problems seem bigger, You have a problem? You're slowing us down!, I cannot afford to have problems, maybe later, If you experieced what I have... (never again).

There were two more reasons for not being authentic/honest that I didn't mention simply because they openly show that God is a part of this all and we try to make Intro neutral because not all students even believe that God exists. "God wants me to be perfect" is what many people think and it is also one of the reasons why we pretend to be something that we really aren't. Both the assumption about God and our behavior as a result of this assumption are wrong. The last reason Samuel lists in his sermon is Words vs. Reality(Christianity without God?). He challanges Christians to ask God to show them how deceptive and depraved our hearts are but he ends by saying that there is Hope. There is Hope for each one of us because we have the Spirit of Truth. I pray that this Spirit would change the heart of our students!


Seggi said...

ano., strach. ja som sa akurat dnes zamyslala nad niecim podobny, a sice preco som viac otvorena ku svojim neveriacim priatelom, nez k tym, s ktorymi rastiem v poznani Boha (a tym padom aj menej otovrena k Bohu). Niekedy to je ako by som sa rozhodovala, ci Bohu ukazem vsetko co vo mne je a kym som. Smiesne, ale robime to. (inak, pekny blog) :)

petra said...

dakujem... hej, asi mame ten Adamovsky problem. sa tvarime jak keby to Boh aj tak vsetko nevidel..