Sep 26, 2008

Movie Night

I didn't have to work tonight and so I had an opportunity to be at home alone and watch movies. I can't believe I actually watched two movies. I'm the kind of person who's not able to sit through a movie without doing somethingelse too. Maybe thats part of the reason why I don't like going to the movies. Anyways. I watched two movies tonight. Both very interesting. One very different from the other. First I watched American History X. A story of a former skin head who tried his best to protect his younger brother. It was too late. This movie definitelly showed how much we influence one another. What a sad ending does this movie have...

Later, I decided to watch ┼Żelary. Great story of a nurse who's forced to leave her life and start a new one with a random person who later becomes her lover but unfortunatelly dies helping others to survive. Yet another sad ending.

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Ande Truman said...

Ohhh in that case, I lied- I haven't heard of Zelary. Come to think of it, the only Czech movie (it's Czech, right?) I've heard of and seen some of was about some fathers taking their kids on some vacation- I dunno, supposed to be funny. But yes, AHX is great, and I've always loved how the black and white scenes affected the film's mood too.