Sep 1, 2008

let me tell you a secret

Y'all already know that my birthday was a blast. Really. No jokes. There's one more story that I would like to share with you all. I stole a lime on my birthday! **Teehee** I was fixin' the fish right? I used some lime and lemon juice and I don't even know when or how or why we realized there was a lime tree between "our" house and the neighbours' house. Unfortunatelly the tree didn't belong to the house where we stayed (as far as we know). The tree was real nice. Had tons and tons of limes on it. The house next door looked empty, the tree looked like its branches needed to get lighter or they'd break. So I decided to help the tree and my meal and went ahead and borrowed one lime. Wish I had the whole process on a video. I think you'd laugh. At least we have a picture. Faked a smile!


Ande Truman said...

Yeah, I mean didn't they have fruit trees along side of the roads in bible times so that travelers walking down the road could eat them? You're kind of a traveler. If not, at least you did the tree a favor by not allowing it to break. :)

Seggi said...

ach, nemam rada limety :(