Aug 4, 2008

yes, I did

I made cookies this afternoon. Is that weird or what? I think it is, but I wanted to make the students happy tonight. I'm not a cookie lover but I know they are. I didn't take a picture. They looked like regular chocolate chip cookies. I promise my next post is NOT going to be about cookies. Peace!


Anonymous said...

Here's my recipe for goodness: take several of your cookies and put them into an empty glass (if the cookies are big, you may have to break them into pieces, but don't crumble them). Next pour ice-cold milk over them, completely covering them. Finally, eat them with a spoon.


brynne said...

i'm with you kris! and i'm proud of you petra! are you going to be up here for your bday?

Petra said...

I'm going to be in the US for my birthday... but not anywhere close to anyone :)