Jul 13, 2008

From Greenville, MS

Dear all!
I'm sitting in a pastro's office at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Greenville, MS. Sunday school is about to finish and so I have about 3 minutes to write a little something. I guess some of you are wondering how I'm doing. I'm doing very well I think. I'm enjoying construction and VBS a lot. The team that was here last week left yesterday early morning and a new team came in the afternoon. We'll again be doing construction and VBS this week. It's hot in Mississippi but it's not as miserable as they said it would be. I mean, you do get sticky and sweaty and nasty but who cares? Everybody's like that. Anyways. There's TOO much I want to tell you and NO time. Would you please pray that God would continue to work in the teenage boys and girls that I work with here in Glen Allan, for wisdom as we choose what to talk about and for safety for the team on construction sites and during VBS.
I think we should totally schedule a conference call sometime next week!


Ande Truman said...

Will definitely be praying for your boys and girls, etc. Can't wait to hear more details and see pictures. ;)

mishka said...

Ty moja aj zijes??? Vsak ti volam a ty mi to furt neberies....

Bo said...

so when are you heading back to SK? do you think you'll be able to visit us before you go back? how are things going? lot's of questions, i know!