Jul 4, 2008

Cornerstone Youth, Wednesdays

Long awaited post is here for y'all.
I had the privillege to be at two Wednesday youth meetings so far. What usually happens is that people come in and hang out for quite a while. Then we start the actual meeting with a few praise songs. I must say I was impressed with the band that played my first Wendesday. Mary, the bass player on the left is exceptional! Dee went to her the day she was playing and said: "Mary, I didn't know you played the bass." Mary humbly replied: "Yeah, I taught myself yeserday." The group started studying the God's covenants. Noah (no, not "our" Noha) does a good job teaching. Last week was pretty cool as well. I got to play! YES! Jess, Mary and I woke up bright and early, went to church and practised. Loved it! Then in the afternoon before the meeting started we practised again a little bit. Mary played the piano this time, Jess and I both played guitars. I thought the Lord made our instruments and voices sound pretty good that night.

So that's one part of what I do at CMPC. I like it a whole lot. Being with the students, knowing their names and getting to know them better is great.

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Seggi said...

a nemas taku kde si hrala aj ty? :)) Vyzeraju to byt cool stretka!