Jun 24, 2008

a great one

I forgot to tell you guys about a "great" conversation I had. The other day we went to Good News at Noon to help serve food to the homeless and get packages ready for them and I ended up in this room boxing frozen chicken and moving bags of bread from one pile to another. There was a lady there who was doing the same thing and so we started talking and she asked if I was there with one of the churches. And I said yes and then she asked a couple of questions and I didn't have answers so I just mentioned, as an excuse, that I was from Slovakia. Here's how it went:
Lady with super white teeth and a too much tan - "_____________??" (random question)
Me - "I'm not sure... I'm actually not from here. I'm from Slovakia so I don't know the answer."
Lady with super white teeth and a too much tan - "Oh honey! That's so nice! You drove all the way from Slovakia to do this?!" (lady looked really impressed with me)
Me - "No, I actually flew. It's kinda far." (not sure how to respond, right?)
Lady with super white teeth and a too much tan - "Um... ____________." (changed the topic)
By the way if you ever feel the need to think about the word privilege go to a place like a homeless shelter. It'll sure teach you a lot.


Ande Truman said...

HAHA. Silly Americans.

Seggi said...

vyborna konverzacia :P

mishka said...

Ach, stara dobra Amerika. Mne minule jedna teta v churchi hovorila ze ako dobre ze som tu - v slobodnej zemi lebo ze urcite v mojej krajine to musi byt velmi tazke....

Petra said...

Miska to vazne? mala si sa tvarit jak tyrane dieta.. mozno by to bol dobry business :) HAHA