May 14, 2008

What a sad week this is

Dear friends and family,
our dear fish - B - was found dead in his aquarium. Building staff is being interrogated but someone in the office overheard an agent saying that B might have killed himself as a result of depression and pressure of the secret he was hiding inside for a couple days. Did B really kill A?
P.S: Anyone willing to buy C and D?


Seggi said...

haham ja som hovorila ze nestihnu nadobudnut vahu 80kg ;) chudata ryby...ak to pojde tymto tempom, kym pridem domov bude treba kupit I a J...ponukam sa ;)

Ande Truman said...

I don't believe Kris' alibi. Let's rewind to the scene of the crime. I heard from an anonymous source that before the body was discovered, Kris had walked by the tank with a sharpened bent paper clip in his hands, mumbled something about revenging the death of his best friend A, and then a violent scuffle broke out in the water. I have a funny feeling that if you were to open Kris' desk, you would find that bent paper clip with the gillprints and blood of B himself! It was no depression, it was murder!