May 31, 2008

First time... maybe last

Aaron Lesondak gave me a ride up the mountain on his cool bike just a second ago. It was fun. We didn't get to go very fast because there were many slow cars on the road. I thought of my cousin the whole time. Some of you know that he got hit by a car on his bike and broke both of his hands and had to have the crushed bones sucked outta him. I just don't understand what's so exciting about going super fast and risking your life like that. Really... Imagine how much it hurts when you fall off of a chair when you're trying to reach something in the kitchen. Now imagine driving like 110 mph and something happening, your body hitting the ground and that kinda crap. Aaah! I'm going to kick my cousin's cute butt if he buys another bike!


Ande Truman said...

I agree with you that those bikes are incredibly dangerous and stupid to ride fast... but I must say that bike right ther e is quite sexy! How IS your cousin doing, by the way? I meant to ask.

Zach Grady said...

Hey Petra! It's Zach Grady, Miriam's nephew. I just want to let you know that everyone here at CMPC is so excited about you coming on Friday!!!!!