Apr 1, 2008

Story of the day..

.. or how retarted can I get?
Today is somewhat an emotional day. As any other day I had Slovak with the boys in the morning. I got a text message from mother during our break saying that my favorite cousin had a pretty bad accident on his motor bike last night and that he was in the hospital. I must say I freaked out a little. Called my mother and she didn't know much but she said he'll be ok. Noone really knew what they did to him at night... That's not what I wanted to talk about in this post but I'm going to finish the story now that I started it. He's ok. Praise the Lord! He broke his right arm in 4 different places and he's having surgery on thursday. So this afternoon me and my mother decided we'd get some Coke and go visit him. The visit was short but ok. We met my aunt and then decided to go get coffee. We went to Max and I thought - "Hm, I'd like to wear these nicer shoes of mine but I need to go get some nicer black socks." (Yes, of course I thought it in English, my mom's American, Gosh!) There's a nice store upstair at Max where they sell nice socks. So I told mother that I want to go there and we went. The lady was really nice and helpful. I told her what I needed and she showed me what they had. I took two pairs of plain black socks and then I thought to myself - "How about something more fun, Petra?" So I asked her to show me something nicer, right? She took out these black socks with nice slim white stripes. I though - "Hm, I like those a lot." I told her I wanted those. Then she went on and showed me some other nice looking socks and I didn't really want them but I thought, Okay, I'll get them if they're not too expensive. (Do y'all know that socks in Slovakia are expensive?) I looked at the price and it said 189SKK (about 9,2$). You know what my reaction was, right? No way am I paying that much for socks. So I said thank you and went to pay for my stuff. I get the bill and it was kind of a lot so I looked at it and guess what? Do you still remember the nice looking black socks with nice slim white stripes? I paid 299SKK(14,5$) for those!!! Now, yeah, I know what you're thinking. I felt pretty retarted. Me and my mom had a pretty good laugh about it. Here's our conversation:
MOM - "When did you become a snob?!"
PETRA - "What do you mean?"
MOM - "You refuse to pay 189SKK for sock and you go ahead and buy the ones that cost 299SKK? Were the cheaper ones TOO cheap for you?"

Oh my gosh, I laughed like crazy. She also made me pay for our coffee because now she thinks I have a ton of money and that I love spending it.

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