Apr 3, 2008

An Invitation

Seriously guys, if you ever wake up in the morning and have nothing to do and feel like having fun feel free to come to my Slovak lesson. Not only you'll have fun, you'll also learn Slovak. Don't come tomorrow because I'll be gone to KPM and don't come on monday because mondays are grumpy. You know, noone's really happy that there's a whole week of school or work ahead of them.

Kristian is into drawing lately. I have share some of his art with you. If you're interested in buying a piece of this young artist's incredible art contact me at p etrasta r1001@ gmail.com. We can talk about prices.

I showed Ethan my special tennis shorts. How are they special you ask? They have these upside down pockets where you put the ball. So if you've ever wondered, "What is it under the cute tennis player's skirt that holds the ball?" it's these special shorts with strange pockets. Female tennis players love them. I used to love them when I played tennis. Now I just own them. So under a skirt, ok? Not over jeans!


Returning to the Heart said...

Oh oh! I'll take what looks like a skeleton disco dancer on the notebook paper! My first bid is 4 trillion - take it or leave it.

Where's the pocket for the tennis ball on those shorts? I don't get it... (I'm a little ree-ree)

Seggi said...

ja z nich umrem :))) no, skoda ze v juni nebudes ucit, ja by som veru prisla na vasu hodinu!!