Nov 26, 2007

what is going on?!

Vanda's facebook status said that she was the most tired person in the whole world. My first thought was that that can't be true because I just feel like I'm gonna fall apart! I've been tired for the past week. Actually since we came back from Tatry and I was just hoping that doing nothing on sunday would help. It didn't. I'm feeling so tired I just want to go home and sleep all day. What's wrong with me?!
Anyways, Thanksgiving at the Building with high schoolers went really well on friday! We had more people than we expected and that caused a few little problems but those were solved instatntly and everything went ok. Brynne explained the tradition before we started eating and mentioned that praying before the meal is part of that tradition. So Juro prayed. I wonder what the kids really thought about that. It didn't seem like anyone had a major problem with it. Noone made comments about it. Except for one person... but I wasn't surprised about that. The food was great, it was nice to see some new people come back to us and it was very funny to see how some of them totally haven't acquired the taste for American food yet.
Another great thing that happened on friday was that the whole GK was there. So we took pictres. Don't we look uber attractive in this one? We were finally able to meet and even though we only had about 20 minutes together it was more fun than anything lately. If you ever feel sad call us, we'll come make you smile! The thought of not having GK anymore when these girls go off to college makes me sad. It was nice to get together again and share a little from our lives and pray together. You can pray that Miriam and I(the leaders) will have wisdom about the future of this small group of young women.


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Seggi said...

co sa bojis, sak na co su na internety a skype? GK v priamom prenose rovno do obyvacky :))Balshaja technika!